Welcome to the national HPV prevalence study

Instructions to use the online data base:

Please login using the credentials provided by the study team.
The Study details are entered through the e-CRF link . The last subject added and the intitution from which the record was added will be shown in the top of the form. Click the Register New Subject to generate a new record. The system will automatically generate the subject ID. The current user's institution will be shown in the Instituion field. Click the Save button after entering the required data to save the record. The list of previously added records will be shown in the grid view in the e CRF. Select each record in the gridview to view the details as well as to edit them. Click the update button to save the changes.

Use the Followup  link to view and enter the followup details. The followup details contains three grids. The first one shows the list of subjects recruted from the instituion. Selecting each record in this record will show the followup details of each patient. The third grid show any pending followups that have not seen and entered. The schedule button is used to schedule a new followup date for each patient. To view the records entered from your institution use the View  link.